ReachRSS should run without problems on most any PHP installation. You will need to allow Reach read/write access to it's data file in order for it to save your settings and the RSS data it retrieves, however almost all servers support this, and we'll show you how to make the changes in the Installation Guide.


Once the download is complete unzip the archive and upload the files to your web server just as you would any other pages. Set reachrss.dat to be writable by the web server and you're done!

For complete details please check out the Installation Guide, which will step you through the install one action at a time.


ReachRSS is free to try, but it's not freeware. If you do like ReachRSS and continue to use it, you're expected to pay for it. We've kept the price very low so that everyone who uses it can afford to register it - click here to register ReachRSS for only $6.95!


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