Check out some of the ways you can use ReachRSS on your site to display automatically updated news headlines, links to web comics, and much much more!

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Want to see how easy ReachRSS is to configure? Take the "so simple your grandmother can use it" admin area for a test drive in our Demo Area.

ReachRSS is the easiest, most powerful RSS solution for your site. Download it now and try it out on your own server!

ReachRSS isn't freeware, but we've made it affordable for everyone. After you've determined that ReachRSS is the solution for you, click here to register online for only $6.95!

Need help? Check our support section for complete documentation. Plus, registered users get free tech support assistance and an installation service!


ReachRSS is flexible enough to use as a full featured news reader. Access your news at any time, from anywhere you have a web browser. You can easily password protect it for private use only, or display it on your public site (display the latest news headlines from major news sources, or even links to your favorite web comics, updated automatically)!

ReachRSS can also bring news headlines to your own personal or corporate web site or intranet. It can be embedded into your HTML, displayed in a frame or iframe, or shown on it's own page. The choice is yours, and no other RSS solution is easier to implement!

ReachRSS is FAST. It was designed from the ground up to be bandwidth and resource efficient for both your server and your RSS sources. It respects ttl preferences and uses Etags and Last-Modified headers to elimiate unnecessary updates while still keeping your news items fresh (in english: "it's respectful and plays fair").

ReachRSS is compatible! While we sincerely believe that RSS feeds should all be 100% valid, the truth is that many feeds on the web are not. Reach will do it's best to read the feeds you give it, even if they contain less than perfect XML.

ReachRSS does not require a database connection. It uses it's own file format to keep it fast and easy to setup / maintain. Any web server that runs PHP 4+ will run ReachRSS without problems*.

ReachRSS is completely skinnable/templatable, and includes several excellent templates that can use right away, or use them as a starting point to designing your own templates. It's incredibly easy - if you know HTML, you can create a template!

ReachRSS was designed to be extremely simple. From installation and configuration to daily use. You don't need to know anything about programming or edit any source code to use Reach. Everything after the initial upload is point and click. ReachRSS takes care of updating the feeds when necessary, and cleaning up old items according to the defaults or to your own preferences.

We believe good software should be affordable and so ReachRSS is very reasonably priced at $6.95 (USD). You can even download and try out ReachRSS yourself. The free download is the full, unrestricted version of ReachRSS†. We believe you should be able to fully test out software before buying, and in return we expect you to register it if you find it useful.

ReachRSS is also a powerful PHP Object that you can tap into to provide RSS abilities on other areas of your web site. You could, for example, extend it to send you an email or pager message whenever a new news item is received, or use Reach to retrieve headlines and store them in a database for future analysis. Save your time from reinventing the wheel and use ReachRSS instead!

* ReachRSS does need read/write access to it's data file, which the vast majority of servers allow.

† Unregistered copies of ReachRSS limit you to 3 channels at a time and place a "Powered by ReachRSS" icon and link on your page (you can control where it goes). Registered copies do not have this requirement.


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