Howto questions

How do I use multiple copies of ReachRSS, each with a different data file, in the same directory?

Errors while installing / configuring ReachRSS

Unable to write to data file
Unable to create data file
Bad or Missing template
Access Denied (while attempting to log into the admin area)

Errors while adding a channel

You must specify a URL to add.
HTTP Status 404 received while attempting to retrieve...
Cannot open socket to...
No channel found in content (this is not an RSS/RDF file)
The unregistered version of ReachRSS is limited to three channels...

Errors while removing a channel

The URL specified is not one of your current channels (perhaps you've already removed it?)

Unknown Error?

Encounter an error message that you don't see listed here? Let us know and we'll tell you what it means and post the results here so others can benefit from your quesion.


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